Frequently Asked Questions

Is this safe to use on children?

It most definitely it is, there are no harsh chemicals involved.

Will this stain or discolor my clothing or furniture?

As with all cleaning products it is always a safe practice to test on a small area, however in all of our experience there have been no issues with any surface!

Does this stuff really work and will it help with the current Coronavirus problem?

This product will kill 99.99% of micro-organisms, with this said though we cannot confirm that this will kill COVID-19 simply due to there not being any official regulated test. We are beyond confident though that once testing is conducted there will be no reason for it not to be effective.

I have a large company and would need much more than a few bottles, can I purchase larger quantities and a get better discount?

We are happy to tell you we can definitely help you with any large scale applications and provide special pricing.

Where is this stuff made?

GoldShield is proudly made in the USA!